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We have a good knowledge of the Great Sandy Strait and often we spot dolphin, dugong, turtle, sea snakes, whistling kites, white breasted sea eagles and osprey. Our Great Sandy Strait is a vast body of water that stretches from Carlo Point / Tin Can Bay Inlet to Hervey Bay. On our tours we discover the vastness and magic of this area and learn about its hidden wonders. Fraser Island is clearly visible on all our tours.

Pelicans on sand

Both Fraser Island and the Great Sandy Strait are designated National Park and protected zones. The natural wonder of the area is unpolluted and pristine. A beautiful environment for our diverse sea life and local bird life. 1.5 million migratory birds visit here annually for their holidays from as far away as the Arctic Circle & Siberia. 1.5 million birds per year know it's a great place for a holiday. So why don't you come too?

Our staff have years of experience providing tourist experiences in the local area and have a wide base of knowledge about both things to do and the local wildlife. They can answer any questions you have when you join us on one of our cruises. As a business we are highly integrated into the Cooloola Coast area and care deeply about the local environment, the prosperity of the local economy and the enjoyment of holiday-makers visting us here.

Tin Can Bay Waterfront